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Introducing Soap-O-Gram!Brighten someones day with a shiny bubble mailer, a handwritten card and a bar of handmade soap! All for $12!! You don't even have to go to the post office!For a little more than the price of a greeting card, send a Hello!, a Happy Birthday, Congratulations or Just Because! A mysterious gold envelope is way better than bills or junk mail. Plus, who doesn't like soap???These are perfect to send out to employees, teachers or teams too!I print the shipping and send you the tracking info so be sure to include your email address! Soap-O-Grams are shipped First Class Mail.Step 1: Browse available $6 soap bars on the website to choose which you would like to include. **If you would like me to choose for you just type "Surprise Me!"

Step 2: In this listing type the name and address of the recipient.

Step 3: Enter the name of the soap you would like and the message you would like send with this Soap-O-Gram. This will be handwritten onto a card.Step 4: Add this Soap-O-Gram to the shopping cart.Step 5: Order as many Soap-O-Grams as you like. Feel free to shop for yourself too! Your info is entered at check out even if you only choose Soap-o-grams. The soap-o-gram shipping confirmations will be sent to your email.Step 6: At Check out, if you have ordered additional items for yourself, Choose Standard Shipping or Local Pick up. If your order ONLY contains Soap-O-Grams, select Soap-O-Gram.I am working on making the website portion of this easier. Thank you for your patience.


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